Erectile Dysfunction Protocol Review

Erectile Dysfunction, often abbreviated as E.D., is a sexual dysfunction in males where the ability to achieve or maintain an erection is compromised to the point of being impotent. Millions of men worldwide suffer from E.D. on a regular basis, while many more will have performance issues at least once in their sexual life. With such a widespread issue, there are thousands of supposed cures and remedies. Among them is something called the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol. The following review will examine what it is, what it claims, and what the general consensus of testimonials and experts is. So hold on!

What is the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol

erectile dysfunction protocolThe Erectile Dysfunction Protocol is a book that is available as a digital copy for $27 and comes with a money back guarantee. It details the authors research regarding erectile dysfunction and his findings regarding what causes it and how to properly treat it. According to Mr. Long, who is likely using a pseudonym and provides no real credentials other than the claim the program is based on one he designed to help himself, the problem is not hormonal, but is all a matter of blood vessel restrictions. In his Erectile Dysfunction Protocol he outlines some science behind the disorder, provides a flexible regimen of exercises, dietary changes, and supplements that are all suppose to help sufferers with E.D.

The Issues With the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol

One of the biggest problems that critics have of the program is the fact that is completely dismisses what decades of research has proven to be true. The first and foremost point that the program makes is to claim that the true and only cause of erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with hormones. Now, if the story is true, and the author who actually wrote the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol did suffer with the problem and found a more holistic method of treating it, then he cannot claim that what worked for him, or was true for him, it true and reliable for every man. There are indeed millions of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of hormonal and chemical imbalances, or as the side effect of medications. To try and contradict what their doctor’s have found to be true through medical testing, is to give false hope. Another issue that critics have is a fairly common one. It involves the problem many have with self publishing in the digital age. That is, it is a lot harder to be sure that anything was written by the person who signs as the author. This fact is one that many critics point out as a potential flaw with the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol, the origins of it are questionable.

These Issues Aside, It Does Have its Merits

Supporters for Erectile Dysfunction Protocol like to counter the issue people have regarding origins with people’s desire and right to privacy, while still being able to share information. While it is not accurate regarding statistics or its claims to there being a truer reason for erectile dysfunction, it does discuss and provide treatments for one form of it. The grain of truth in the claim and basis, is that some men do suffer from erectile dysfunction as a lack of blood flow. While the causes can be varied, and are often the result of other conditions, many of the outlined recommendations within the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol are quite valid and helpful. The exercises and diets, as well as flexible regimens provided can potentially help just about any male’s sexual function. For the relatively low price, it provides if nothing else, a collection of various sexual health tips for men that can be useful.
The Bottom Line On Erectile Dysfunction Protocol

Like many “cures” for erectile dysfunction, this one has to be taken with a grain of salt, as they say. It focuses on only one part of the puzzle behind the causes for erectile dysfunction, and for those whose issues do originate with this part, it can be a beneficial guide to read. However, the lack of irrefutable scientific evidence and credentials, as well as its counter claims against established medicines, do not make it suitable for everyone. The exercises and dietary changes it lists should not be considered without first discussing it with a health care professional. Beyond its faults, it could be considered a worthwhile read, but not the miracle some claim it to be.

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