Naked beauty symulast method to fight cellulite

Naked Beauty Symulast making cellulite a thing of the past?

Do you want to find out whether the Symulast Naked Beauty Method can help you to definitely get rid of Cellulite? Yes? Well you are about to find out..

It’s pretty much that time of the year again. Schools will soon break up for the summer, the sun is at its peak, you and your family will be ready to take a vacation to a lovely beach resort far away from your dingy office. But there’s one problem – you still feel somewhat insecure in a bikini, because of an ailment that strikes nearly all women: cellulite. The flabbiness sticks out for you like a sore thumb on your hips, thighs, and behind. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. And we all wish that there would be a quick and painless solution.

But the majority of the things we try are gimmicks. Brushes that have painful bristles that seem to do more harm to your cellulite rich areas than good. Crazy massages that promise to brush out the podge, but seem to do nothing other than cost you money and make you feel ridiculous. Slimming pills that say that they’ll only target certain areas of your body, but have questionable science behind them.

Is there a simple solution? Joey Atlas, a man with two degrees in exercise physiology and a self-styled ‘women enhancement specialist’, seems to think so. And it’s a program called ‘Naked Beauty’, using ‘Symulast’ to solve a problem other remedies can’t fix.

What’s the logic behind it?

Atlas begins by talking through exactly why the other products on offer will not work. For one, he says, companies selling anti cellulite products are businesses, so they need customers – and actually solving problems that their customers have would put them out of business. Naked Beauty is obviously a business product too, but Atlas’ second piece of logic hits home with enough force to put the commercial fears to rest.

Joey Atlas explains that the real cause of cellulite is not the skin, or the fat – the two areas that traditional combatting products purport to target – but muscle fibres under the skin. He continues to say that muscle weakness under the skin causes the skin to sag and become lumpy, which is what causes the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, he says, taking the shop bought products is never a solution because they aim to resolve the wrong condition. If you don’t fix the foundations, you can never fix the house.

The way that Symulast works is by targeting the muscle fibres themselves and encouraging what is known as ‘synergistic muscle layer simulation’: Symulast for short. These are a series of yoga-like exercises to be done at home to strengthen the essential muscle fibres, thereby tightening the body.

Rooted in exercise: The Symulast review

I’m sure that your mum always told you the same thing that she told me: if you want to lose weight, you’ve got to eat well and do more exercise. I’ve always been very wary of any solution that says that you can cheat those essential ideas, so Symulast and Naked Beauty sound very appealing to me. It’s not a fad with some weird pills or some expensive massage therapy. It’s good old fashioned exercise – but the right exercise, targeted in a way to shape the pudgy cellulite out of the body.

Similarly, the logic that cellulite is caused by weak muscles, rather than an odd surface displacement of fat under the skin, seems much more compelling. It’s common knowledge that simply massaging the belly will not produce rock-hard abs, and a tight stomach, so how could simply kneading the skin around the thighs and bum do the same thing for those areas? The exercises make sense because the theory behind them makes sense too.

If you ask me, with the experience that Joey Atlas has – his dual degrees and his quaint label as a ‘woman enhancement specialist’ – and the no nonsense approach that he takes to explaining why only targeted exercise can solve the problem, Symulast sounds like a less shady and more trustworthy product than some of its competitors. He tells you what you need to do and how you need to do it, and even provides you with the charts to keep track of your progress. And hey, if you exercise, you can feel it in your thighs!

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