Weight Watchers Review

Weight Watchers is a diet program that has been around for quite some time, with its well branded red and white logos, it is a name that often comes up when people are searching for new diet plan. What began as one housewife’s frustrations with food in 1961 turned into one of the weight loss industries leading companies. The underlying foundations of the program are to help men and women find emotional support and fact-based guidance to help them learn not just what to eat, by why they should eat it. It is not just a program that is based around specific meals, in fact one of the many praises regarding it is that you can eat anything you want, so long as it stays within your point limitations.

How It Works

weight watchersMembers are assigned a certain point limit for each day and a guideline for exercise that is built around their height, weight, and age. The ultimate goal is to not just loose weight, but to keep it off by modifying the person’s entire view on food, their eating habits, and their levels of exercise. The entire program can be accessed from any computer with internet access, and provides not just advice on meal planning and guidelines for the individual, it gives members the ability to talk with others in the same community and to find emotional support. One of the biggest draws, and what started the company to being with, was the realization that its easier to loose weight when you surround yourself with people who can empathize with your situation. Having a community of members and resources for advice to help people get through their hard times is one of the biggest appeals to the system. The other is the fact that members have some of the most flexible guidelines and if they stick with the program, learn lifelong lessons in dietary management.

The Costs

Weight Watchers is not a free program to join, and the membership fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, with varying degrees of discounts. There are also promotions run throughout the year that can affect the costs for the program. Regional prices can vary as well. For just their online plus service that offers a lot of benefits and live chat with support staff, the by month price is around $20 and their 3 month sign up is around $40. These prices are based on their January promotion and may not be the same at other times of the year. When there is not a promotion, joining initially can be up to $20 higher. They also offer additional in person support group meets and one on one coaching in addition to their online support, though they start at $50 and $55 price ranges respectively. For many people, signing up during a promotional period works best, and their online support service is an excellent introduction into a supportive dietary system. For many people who are struggling to loose weight, the cost can be compare two just one or two fast food meals, which is not a lot considering what they have to offer.

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